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Photo Journal: Family bike day to Alki Beach

I love where we live! Last weekend we rode our bikes onto the ferry, my husband and I each pulling a trailer with a child inside. When we arrived on the mainland we biked along the water to Alki beach. This is our lovely adventure in photos.


This is our ride to the mainland. (We live on an island.) Leaving the boat behind we start along the beach pathway.


First view of the path. That’s Jason and Xylus on the right. I’m towing Atalie in a similar trailer… only she’s snug in her carseat inside of it.


Fishing season apparently. The shore was lined with anglers casting for salmon. Looks dangerous to me… I’m sure that I would hook someone!


Beach side real estate. Not a big yard… but it’s got a view!



Blue heron doing its own casting for breakfast.


The side view of one of our all time favorite restaurants: La Rustica. You can’t make a reservation but this beach side gem is an absolute treasure and well worth the visit when your in the Seattle area. To really enjoy it- don’t bring your kids! 😉


La Rustica! LOVE the tomatoes in their outside planters!


How would you like to live in these condos? There are a few for sale.


Seattle has this wonderful policy where a certain percentage of a building projects cost must go to creating art. This whole section of boardwalk has star maps of the constellations. Being a Pisces this was my obvious photo choice.


Scuba diving hot spot apparently. Divers suit up to get in the Puget Sound.


City view. You can’t mistake the city you’re looking at when you see our lovely space needle!


Lunch stop.


My boys waiting for their food. One of them is obviously hungrier than the other!


Yes that is the ketchup.


But no, you have to wait until your meal arrives to eat it.


Me and my girl.


The beach! City slickers soak up the sun on this delightful stretch of sand.



Enjoying the view a la dad.



Inevitably our son gets naked.



Big and small, plus spritzer.


Check out the bird. I can’t tell for sure if it’s an osprey but we sure saw many of those along the way.



That’s our island. We’re on our way back home now. This is also the boardwalk with the constellations.



Little nook of Northwest gorgeousness!


On the boat home! Hurray for a GREAT day. Yeah for living in such a beautiful place!

3 comments on “Photo Journal: Family bike day to Alki Beach

  1. Mela
    August 20, 2013

    Wow, the Alki Chamber of Commerce should hire you! Thank you so much for the tour, loves.

  2. Gayle Olander
    August 20, 2013

    That was fun!! I had a great time!! What island do you live on? Vashon?? Looks gorgeous and sunny!! xox Gayle

    • aimeecartier
      August 21, 2013

      Thanks Gayle! Yes, we live on Vashon. It’s sunny right now! And it has been all summer. Winter… not so sunny, but it’s always lush and green and I love that. These photos are taken on the mainland– Seattle area. It’s all gorgeous really!
      Love to you!

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