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What would I do with $500? The answer surprised even me.

The other day as I was driving down the road I heard on the radio that this station I was listening to has “$500 Fridays.”  Every hour they give away $500.  Knowing that I was unlikely to be listening to the station on Friday, and even less likely to be able to call in at the right moment when I can’t even sweep the floor successfully without the interruption of my two-year-old, I thought I’d play along by just wondering what I would do with the money.  My answer surprised even me.

When I heard my response in my head I had to ask myself, “Are you certain?”  It seemed so weird. And the answer came back, “Yes.”

Hands down if someone gifted me $500 right now, an event likely never to be repeated again, I would buy towels.

You see we have towels, plenty of them.  My husband might even say too many of them.  And they all work.  For the most part they’re in fine shape.  However, in my mind’s eye when I open my linen closet, I don’t see a collection of random towels that my husband and I have collected throughout the years: a lot of whites, some random patterns, a blue, light green, and two purples.  I don’t even see a brand new set of same colored towels.  I see a collection of thick terry cloth in every color of the rainbow: Two of each please, with matching washcloths.  In contrast, the hand towels have fun patterns and match our bathroom— not the rainbow.

ImageI can just imagine the glorious feeling of putting all of our towels in a bag for good will. And lovingly putting away my new set of towels in every color.  I can see what they look like in there every time I open the closet—a cacophony of color and emotion in the form of terry cloth.  One for every mood you might have.

Sometimes it strikes me as odd that this is what I now fantasize about.  Still the satisfaction remains.

“What does this say about me?” I wondered.  I’ll post my discoveries soon.

P.S. I post tons of stuff on Facebook.  This question of towels had me ruminating last night, so I posted on the subject of my linen reverie.  If your into Facebook and short random paragraphs on motherhood and other odds and ends.  Find me there.  Here is my author page.  


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