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Distorted face laughter. It could happen to you. I hope it does.

ImageOne of my favorite sensations is laughing so hard that my face gets all distorted.  I can tell it is doing all kinds of hideous things because I can feel it stretching outrageously, in ways it never does.  It’s like uncontrollable face aerobics.  My left cheek will be jutting out into space while my mouth is stretched open at full throttle.  Then in an instant it changes again.   Even my eyebrows get involved.  They can’t help it because everything on my face is gyrating heinously.  At these moments I am aware of the repulsive actions that my face may be making but I have absolutely no bandwidth to control it.  The laughter is moving me, not the other way around.

Two movies have done that for me: The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz and Anchorman with Will Ferrell.

OMG in both cases even a second watching produced such effects.  I actually hurt from laughing… which is such a good thing.

I just re-found an oldie but a goodie on the internet.  If you need a good laugh immediately: This baby will induce it.  You may have already seen it, it’s had 65 million watches on You Tube.  But seriously, its one minute and 44 seconds well spent.


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