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Time to plant the flowers. What’ll be growing in our yard.

At20140513-204809.jpg our house, I’m in charge of the flowers- at least that’s how I like to look at it. We have a huge garden, with several tiers.  The “garden”, “the upper garden,” “the herb garden,” (oregano and thyme people) and then “the side yard” flower hill, just to mention a few.  They don’t actually look like tiers.  And in some cases they aren’t even close together– but what I’m trying to say is that our garden has many levels and locations.  And each serves a certain purpose-ish.

Truth be told, the masterpiece of our yard is completely thanks to my husband.  He was designing it and creating and re-creating it for years before I came along.  He has the very natural green thumbs.  But since we’ve been together I’ve been learning. I still remember with love our first year together and that luscious tomato batch that we planted, staked, loved and ate together.  I’m so nostalgic about it that I actually have pictures of this first crop.  They were grown with so much love.  They were beautiful, and you could taste it.

But like I was saying, now, though I of course participate in the vegetable scene, I consider the flowers my forte.  Primarily because I love them so.  And I’m attached to having lots of different kinds that I can cut and arrange and look at all growing season long.  And, with gardening, like with anything, I’ve discovered that if you just do it- as you go along you learn.

Also, I play my seedlings classical music!  I just like to.  (Pictured last.)  Here’s a few pics from this season’s early crop.


Above: Sunflowers galore! We have a huge patch of them on the flower hill, and some in the upper garden to keep the corn and squash company.

20140513-204822.jpgAbove: I love these daisies!  Livingston daisies.  They are so fun and colorful.  I keep them in pots beside the door to my studio and they make me happy at each entry.

20140513-204837.jpgAbove:  Okay it’s not sophisticated or anything… but it pumps in the classical music station to my seedlings.  I don’t know… I think they like it. 🙂

Also started: Cosmos (my fave), baby’s breath, penstomen, sweet william.

If you’ve got any favorite flowers I’d love to know about it.  I’m always looking for something new.  I have my favorites, but I like to change it up some from year to year too.

P.S. Is “what’ll” a word?  I don’t think so.  But isn’t it fun to say?!


2 comments on “Time to plant the flowers. What’ll be growing in our yard.

  1. Sasha
    May 15, 2014

    I look forward to an after pic! My parents always had a garden growing up and I loved helping my dad in each year and enjoying all the delicious veggies at the end. We now live in a high rise apartment. I will live vicariously through you this summer. Then, I will have to settle for the farmers’ market. 🙂

    • aimeecartier
      May 15, 2014

      Lovely! I will produce a vicarious experience that I hope will be luscious for you (and me)!

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