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Good stuff happens: on trikes, in backyards, and just about everywhere.

Sometimes I feel a little funny posting stuff about my kids.  Mostly because of course I think this is beyond cute– I birthed these beings.  That’s when I’m like, “Jeez, should I even post this?” Or is this some sort of weird mother/kid version of tooting your own horn?  And then I think, “This is my blog.  I think this is fun.  I’m going to post.”  Hopefully you will all agree!

Here’s this week’s mom moment post that just made my heart ooze.  Miraculously I captured the whole thing on video!  Here’s a clip! I’ve watched this video more times than 10… and, just saying, I’m not done yet.

My husband and I had two kids on purpose.  We both have siblings and we felt adamant about having that for our family.  I remember when we got pregnant with our son.  Let’s just say, I thought we were going to Alaska in July, not having a baby.  Clearly, the Universe had other plans.  So when we discovered there was a little seed already planted, we unanimously agreed: “Well, if we’re having one, we’re having two.”  And close together, so they can play and be friends, like we are with our siblings.

It’s not that it wasn’t intense (especially the first year with two).  However, when you experience moments like these that make your hearts gush with happiness and love, and you get oozy all over, you think, “I’m so glad we did this!”

One of the things that I replay over in over in my mind about this moment of my daughter on the back of the trike, is how she seems to expect it.  Not in a “you owe me,” sort of way.  But she honestly just expects good, joyous, supportive things to happen to her.  Yesterday her brother was pulling her around the back yard in our old wooden wagon, today she’s on the back of his bike.  She’s cool.  It’s normal.  Good stuff just happens to her.  She doesn’t even have a “bad” opinion about the “crash.” She’s along for the ride and enjoying where it takes her.  Period.

I love that attitude: the natural expectation of goodness.  I strive to maintain it for myself.  And I find watching it in my children is just such a lovely joyous reminder.  Good stuff happens.  On trikes, in backyards, on streets, or even virtually.  Yea!


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