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Camping trip to Orcas Island!

Okay we didn’t see any orca whales, but then again we didn’t really try.  We set up camp for 5 nights at Moran State Park, which incidentally I discovered via Sunset Magazine, and apparently so did everyone else!  That didn’t stop us from having a fantastic time though.  Cascade Lake at the park is the perfect place for toddlers.  The beach is very shallow quite a ways out which allows for little people lake roaming– that spells heaven for my family of water creatures.

Here are some pics from the trip.  Enjoy!



20140722-112758-41278990.jpgFrom the town of Eastsound. (Above and below.)


20140722-112802-41282205.jpgLittle butt crack making his own investigations into what the Moran State Park concession stand was all about.  Discovery: ice cream!

20140722-112933-41373988.jpgShoveling foam… a quality way to spend the afternoon.

20140722-112932-41372377.jpgI think this was my son’s favorite day– the day the grandmother with the floaty empire showed up on the beach.  Generously she allowed my son to enjoy every one.

20140722-113047-41447544.jpgCaterpillar lunch remnants.  Our campsite was just under a caterpillar restaurant. So we were showered with mysterious black things from the trees.  I refused to believe it was caterpillar poop- even if just for my own sake.20140722-113750-41870228.jpgDinner time for tiny people! Oh yum pasta with caterpillar poop.  Just kidding!  I think.

20140722-113046-41446011.jpgDoesn’t this look like an ideal camping spot!? Out at Doe Bay.

20140722-113049-41449147.jpgOn the way up to the top of Mount Constitution.

20140722-113117-41477932.jpgAt the top of Mount Constitution.  Which by the way also doubles as a cell phone reception lobby.  Everyone is on their phone, presumably because it’s the closest place around to get reception.  And of course the view is unparalleled.



20140722-113900-41940458.jpgAh islands! Obviously I have a fondness.

Thanks for coming with us!


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