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In the language of toddlers

It’s so exciting when your toddler starts to speak.  At least to me.  I realized yet again just how much words mean to me once my son started to talk.  I finally had that feeling, “I LOVE this age!” that I hear other parents exclaim all the time.  It’s just so much more interesting when they can say what they are thinking.20140801-131705-47825473.jpg

You also get to hear all of the things that you say that you don’t know you say.

For example, “I’m outta here!” (Oh! Okay.)

And the cuteness of adult words in tiny mouths….

Actually Mom, I’m a good shopper.” (Surprise!?)

With a spoon full of food going to his mouth: “When dad gets home, he’s definitely gonna want dinner.” (Meaning I guess– ‘This meal rocks!’)

My other favorites of the week are.

Me: “Buddy, it looks like you’ve got a lot of boogers in there we’ve got to get out.”

Xylus: “Nope. Not today… Amorrow.”


X: “Mom, I want a Cliff bar.”

Me: “Well, let me think about it.  It’s pretty close to dinner time.”

Repeat the previous two sentences twice again in a 30 second interval. Then:

X: “Mom, I want a Cliff bar.”

Me: “No buddy I don’t think so.  Not right now.”

X: “No, I want you to think about it.”


And they’ll repeat anything you say.

Me: “He’s a hermaphodite.”

X: “He’s a hemafite?”

…. Just kidding I didn’t say that.



4 comments on “In the language of toddlers

  1. jorja40
    August 12, 2014

    I think being able to have a conversation with them is the most amazing feeling. There is nothing better.

  2. Sasha
    August 14, 2014

    Haha, too cute!! I often think nothing could be as wonderful as this age! 🙂

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