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A peak into our garden.

Some of you have mentioned that you love living vicariously in our garden.  Here’s a peak into what’s growing now.  This time of year is rife with what I call, “Garden appetizers.” About the time all hell begins to break loose in the kid zone, (I don’t know why it’s always around the time you need to make dinner.) the kids and I walk out to the garden for “Garden Appetizers.”  Sometimes it’s just raspberries and strawberries. But right now the garden has options-a-plenty.  

This mysterious looking thing is lemon cucumber.  THE best!  We grow other cukes too.  But this is by far the favorite.IMG_7124.JPG

Beets. Beets. A whole bed full.


Parsley.  Where we live it can grow all year.  I accidentally planted the flat leaf one this year thinking it was my favorite– but it’s actually the curly one that I love.  I use it all winter long on my dinners, fresh picked from the garden.  IMG_7125.JPG

Peppers in our greenhouse.IMG_7131.JPG

The best of all tomatoes– Sun Gold.  They are like eating candy.IMG_7130.JPG

Sun Gold jungle in the greenhouse.IMG_7128.JPG

Here is what loveliness happens before a summer squash appears.IMG_7133.JPG

Here is what can happen when you haven’t been out there for a few days.  The bottom one is as big as my forearm.  They basically expand exponentially overnight, as far as I can tell.IMG_7134.JPG

Green beans. IMG_7136.JPG

This is what happens when you water kale that has gone to seed. 


Said kale, a week or two later.  And this is after I thinned it out!  Luckily it does grow all year here, and it’s delicious.  I think everywhere but the Northwest kale gets a bad wrap.  Some day maybe I’ll create a “5 yummy things you can do with kale” post.  It truly is delicious many ways.  IMG_7137.JPG

Nasturtiums- this year these are the only edible flowers I planted.  Next year when my daughter is beyond her pull-everything-out-of-the-ground stage, I intend to have our backyard full of a variety of brightly colored pansies again, which are also edible, did you know?IMG_7138.JPGSending love,



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