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Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet?! We’ve got dahlias and sunflowers to share.

Here are a few pics of some of my flower friends. Despite infrequent watering (by me) this summer, blooms still seem to be happening.

I was feeling the love for all of them last week. The kids and I had two back to back play dates planned. And along with our snacks I packed a bouquet for each of my girl friends too. Dahlias and sunflowers! I love having so much bounty to share! Cause who doesn’t love a bouquet!? We have one in practically every room right now.

Here are the bouquets that inspired this post.  I took this picture in my car on the way to our dates.IMG_7258.JPG

We have six different types of dahlias in our yard.  Here they are.IMG_7322.JPG


These two are actually from the same plant.  Sometimes it produces a sort of half and half version too.IMG_7327.JPGIMG_7325.JPGIMG_7328.JPGIMG_7321.JPGAnd, our sunflower patch.



Italian white sunflowers.  A much more delicate and smaller version– but a nice contrast color.





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