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Magnetic poetry for your car door. It’s so easy.

You know those little magnetic poetry sets you can get.  Like this:  happiness magnets

Well, I love them.  My favorite use of them lately is creating car door poetry.  uplifting magnetic poetry for your car door by Aimee Cartier Never mind that it might not last forever– it’s still such a joy to see while it lasts.  I’ve been making little concoctions to send to friends lately.  You know a little poem kit that they will receive in the mail.  The poem is written on the page, along with the instructions of, “Go to your car immediately and put this on the door.”  Let the beauty of the poem be active immediately– “don’t let it become another thing on your To Do list.”  Maybe I’m a little sensitive to this– as I have a whole counter full of To Do items, and lists of creative ideas that I’ll get to when I get too.  In any case, I’m loving making these!

Here are some pics from my creating session.

Send me a pic if you make one too!

Creating poems.IMG_7199.JPG

Little baggie with the poem  words that I sent in the mail to my friend.  I included a sheet of paper with the poem written out too of course.IMG_7303.JPG

Happiness kit!


Not the “happiness kit” as you can see from the words like “repulsive.”  Still, “Delicate diamond petal near your drunk aching” could be a poem too.  I don’t recommend that for your car though.

What poems do you see here?IMG_7200.JPG

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