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Chicken pot pie soup: Comfort food the easy way

Chicken-Pot-Pie-Soup-photo by Chad A Elick

photo by Chad A Elick found online

It was my dad who gave me the idea actually.  (The same dad whose quirks I mentioned here.)  Chicken pot pie soup.  In a crock pot.  Oh my gosh– it’s one of my favorites not only because it’s such a comfort food hit, but almost more importantly in my book, because it’s amazingly easy.

I may have mentioned, cooking isn’t my forté.  And yet I am forced to do it every day.  When I had my second child my dad and stepmom gifted us a crock pot.  My dad said, “This will save you.”  And it has.  Not long afterward– he gave me the idea of this lovely dish.  I can’t eat wheat, and I’m super lazy in the kitchen, so the idea of a no crust pot pie just completelty appealed.  Comfort without the work.  Here’s how it goes:






Green beans (usually frozen)

Peas (frozen)

Chicken chunks ( I cube 3-4 chicken breasts.  I usually cut them into pieces with my kitchen scissors- another time saving trick.)

1 1/3 cup Milk (I use unsweetened almond milk.)

2/3 cup Butter

4 cups (approx.) Chicken Stock

2/3 cup Flour (I use oat flour.)

1/2 teaspoon Black pepper

1/2 teaspoon Celery seed

1 teaspoon Salt

Veggie’s– I mix these up, depending on my mood and what I have in the fridge.  I pretty much always have carrots and onions in there and then I throw in some combination or all of what’s mentioned above.  My husband can’t eat potatoes, so that’s not in our mix, but it could certainly be in yours if you wanted.

Cut up veggies and (uncooked or frozen) chicken.  Put all veggies (except frozen) in crock pot.  Also add the chicken stock, chicken, butter, and all spices.  Cook all day.  An hour or so before you are going to serve add the milk, flour, and frozen veggies.  I usually take some of the hot broth out and whisk the flour in it, so it’s not clumpy, then pour it back into the pot.  Give it a stir.  Serve in about an hour, in bowls!  No crust necessary.

This is the recipe I base mine off of.  I always double it– hence my measurements.  I don’t measure out things like veggies or chicken I just go by what feels right or what I have.  In my experience as long as you’re exact about these spices, it will taste delicious.


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