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Shop naked! It’s legal. Here’s why. Or, 8 reasons I’m now in LOVE with this type of shopping.

It’s sounds so funny to say, but I’m fairly new to online shopping. Especially weird when you realize that I live on an island with not THAT many stores and most items are a boat ride away. I’ve always been a big fan of shopping local—but seriously, where I live, often, it just doesn’t exist here. Also, now I have two tiny kids to lug around. And I take seriously the sage advice a girlfriend of mine who had her kids before me told me once, “Never ever take your kids clothes shopping.” At least not if you want to actually buy something. It just doesn’t work. For you, or them. Well, Christmas shopping, or any shopping where you have to actually weigh your options is in this category for me.

8 reasons I’m in love (with internet shopping). No. 5 is the BEST.

1. You can do it naked. Honestly, I’m usually in my pajamas, it is winter after all, but you could do it naked—it’s totally legal.

2. You don’t have to lug your kids along and chase after them while making a decision. The last time I made a gift purchase with my kids just standing at the check out counter elicited screams from my son who couldn’t have something prominently displayed there to catch his eye. So I had my daughter on my back, and my two-year-old wiggling furiously and shouting in my arms while trying to negotiate my purchase, interacting with the sales lady, getting my card out of my purse, signing the receipt etc. Seriously, don’t take your kids with you. It ruins all the fun. Shop at home while they are in bed.

3. Your closet is present at home where you are doing your shopping. You don’t have to mentally conjure that black dress and try to imagine yourself wearing those shoes with it. You can go get said dress and check it. Or reference your closet to see if you actually have a top to wear with that fabulous skirt.

4. You can see way more variety than you generally could even in any mall.

5. And this is THE BEST THING: You can read reviews. This is how I found out that the colorful towels I had been coveting fray within 3 months. Gads! It’s where I also made the shocking discovery that some luxury item brands are actually totally crap. I found one such brand that had almost as many super boo reports as they did good ones…. This is not a good sign.

6. You can, (especially if you use Pinterest,) make a virtual shopping cart of things you like, and then when you are ready to make your purchase, review all your chosen options and pick the one that is best for now.  I got these everyday slip on shoes this way. My favorite brand, Naot, with these shoes was a close second… though when I got to try them on side-by-side I discovered these ones were just not as comfortable as the cheaper Klogs.

7.No check out lines. Just click.  One finger.  (See previously mentioned check-out story to understand the true beauty of this.)christmas image by William Warby

8. Free shipping. Lots of places offer it—especially shoe places. This is my favorite place so far to buy shoes: So, again, you can do your shopping at home and send back what doesn’t work. I tried my shoes on in my kitchen, in front of my husband, with clothes I would actually wear them with! I’m also a big fan of Amazon Prime for this free shopping reason… and their instant movies.

What’s your favorite thing to buy online?
Are there things you just don’t dare?

2 comments on “Shop naked! It’s legal. Here’s why. Or, 8 reasons I’m now in LOVE with this type of shopping.

  1. MELewis
    December 11, 2014

    I was an early adopter of internet shopping several years ago now as it opened so many horizons here in France – mostly to English books and DVDs. All those critics of Amazon be damned, I love it! It is efficient, satisfying and a huge improvement in time management compared to schlepping to stores. The only things I really hesitate about are big purchases, like furniture, and things like shoes, which I prefer to try on. Of course, you can try them on at home and send them back if they don’t fit but that involves trips to the post office. 😉

    • aimeecartier
      December 11, 2014

      Oh yes, I can see about the furniture. I want to sit on my couch first! And i get it about the post office (especially in France– the lines were always so long there!) but I LOVE trying on shoes in my living room so much I’ll brave the post office for it! Probably only because they make it so easy. I don’t think I have to stand in line to pay– FREE FREE FREE!

      And I know what you mean about Amazon… I’ve read some of the stories and they are horrifying, but sad or not, I can’t let go of the convenience of it right now. I love my Amazon Prime! I can imagine it would be even more wondrous while living abroad!

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