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My favorite Internet ladies to turn to for inspiration

I could also title this post, “Ladies that make light that can shine in your room too!”

So, these ladies exist outside of the Internet of course—but for the most part, they are women who exist in my life because of this wonderful cosmic technological interconnectedness we have. It’s so great when you can stumble upon something inspiring at night while sitting in your PJ’s in your living room. I love that about this world we live in. If it wasn’t for the Internet I wouldn’t know of many of these women. And I’m so glad I do.

So here’s my short list (primarily because I’m not that great at surfing the web and finding things) of women who I check in on from time to time to see what they are up to and if they’ve got anything on their sites of late that can fire me up as well.


Cynthia Morris art Click on image to see more.

Cynthia Morris: My long time favorite in creativity. She does coaching for creatives—and I’ve bought (and love) some of the ebooks she’s written—but mostly I’m just inspired by the way art is a part of her daily life. I like looking at her pretty journal pages and sketches from abroad – they inspire my creative juices. I resonate with her out of the country adventures but I also like the way she renders simple things on her pages and makes them so beautiful. She reminds me that all of life is and can be art.

Awakened Feminine Ladies Adriana and Taryn

Awakened Feminine Ladies Adriana and Taryn

Awakened Feminine: It’s like your best friend straight talking you with “Why you being so hard on yourself? Now go out and get ‘em!” It’s usually like a mini-pep talk with some spiritual references. I love them: Taryn Longo and Adriana Rizzolo.

Erin Stutland: The workout + affirmations queen. I recently got her Shrink Program and I sweat while saying affirmations now whenever I can’t make it to the gym. And, she posts interesting uplifting things on her Facebook etc. pages. Check her out.

 Cup of Jo: My sister first introduced me to her. I think of her like the ladies lifestyle magazine of the internet. She’s always talking about what nail polishes are hot—but she also has all kinds of interesting articles—including beauty tricks from real women, her motherhood around the world series, good recipes, good books, and other interesting and random things, like yesterday’s post: How to take a (better) shower . She posts a list of links every Friday that I’m sure I wouldn’t have stumbled upon without her and she speaks like she’s talking to friends. (70K of them apparently) I appreciate her.

 Copy Doodle written by Sumer: They’re into copy writing. In fact they’ll do yours if you want. But they’re also a company with vision and inspiration. Over the years I’ve gotten great advice from their blogs or webinars on things like writing headlines, or creating effective copy that is also in line with your goals. I appreciate their vision and dedication to what they do.

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Or Lisette Wolter-McKinley.  I just love her blog. First of all she’s one of those people with a knack for finding cool things to do (which I am not). She’s got great travel ideas (especially for around the Northwest) and she takes gorgeous photos. But I also just love her sense of style. She’s always wearing interesting hair flourishes—that I wouldn’t dare to wear for some reason—but I appreciate seeing on another.

kellyraeroberts love, the stars

Love, The Stars by Kelly Rae Roberts Click on image for link to buy this print from her.

Kelly Rae Roberts: She won my devotion with this art piece. So I tracked her down. I especially like the little tidbits she posts in her Instagram feed, but she has lots of cool things she puts online too (you can buy her art their too).  And she calls herself a possibilitarian.  Who doesn’t need one of those around?

 Annapurnaliving: I look at this site from time to time. It seems to be a sort of collective. So you can find other cool women there too. It’s a happy site to peruse and listen to the wisdom of other awake women in the world doing their thing.

I’m sure the list will continue to grow. Maybe I’ll make this a yearly tradition to share the women who are currently inspiring my life and dreams. It takes all of us to make it happen for each other—and I hope you find something that inspires you too.



 P.S. Please share yours in the comments if you’ve got some that you really love. Share the wealth and inspiration!

2 comments on “My favorite Internet ladies to turn to for inspiration

  1. cynthiamorris
    January 15, 2015

    Thank you for including me in this list, Aimee! It’s such a joy to share my illustrations and the things that inspire me to creative action. I love the way you’ve described my impact on you. 🙂 SO glad to know you and see your exuberance unfold!

    • aimeecartier
      January 15, 2015

      The pleasure is mine of course Cynthia! I LOVE seeing your art!

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