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My favorite birthday treat/practice. You can do it too! It’s easy and fun.

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A few from my collection of self-love birthday cards.

This week is my birthday.  I’ll be sharing more about that later, but today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite birthday practices ever.  I came up with it about a decade ago.

Probably around that time I also had these two epiphanies.

1. I am the only one that will be at every single one of my birthdays.

2. If I want to make it special– I can do it myself.  I don’t have to wait around for someone else to plan (or give me) the perfect thing.  I can think about what I want and make it happen.  When it comes to parties I usually delegate the work, because I hate party planning, and it’s my birthday after all. 😉  But I can get myself a present if there is something special I really want and…. and this is my practice:

I give myself a card.

Every year on my birthday I give myself a birthday card.

I love cards.  I love beautiful whimsical images and often while shopping for cards I find LOADS of ones that I love.  So around the time I realized I didn’t have to wait for someone else to make my bday special I realized also that I could buy myself my own birthday card.  I didn’t have to stand there and think, “Oh I would love to get THAT card.” I could get that card! For myself!

So I did.

I write in them too.

Every year, I write whatever I want in them: encouragement for myself, reflection on where I have been, thoughts on where I am heading.  I don’t have a formula.  At some point I just pick out the card of my choosing, and then I sit down and write in it.  I seal it too.

Then, on my birthday (that’s Wednesday this week!), I open it and read it to myself.

It’s lovely really.  I have a whole collection of them because I also save them.  Every year I get to chose the art (card) that speaks to me, in that moment of my life, and I  get to tell myself whatever I want.  I’m always sweet to myself!  It’s my birthday after all!

I highly recommend it.

You’re worth it too!



5 comments on “My favorite birthday treat/practice. You can do it too! It’s easy and fun.

  1. laurensaysitall
    March 5, 2015

    This sounds amazing! I will be trying this too! ☺️

  2. gordonhays
    March 19, 2015

    This is a really great idea, and sends a loving message to the self. My b-day is coming up-I just might start doing this! Thank you for sharing.

    • aimeecartier
      March 20, 2015

      Thanks Gordon glad u liked it. Happy (early) birthday. Thanks for following my blog too. But I’ve just moved my it. The last post I’ll make on this one (this weekend) is about where to find me now. You can follow my new blog (same thing different address) at

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