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Dear Baby Diaper Service,

I’m elated to tell you our relationship is now at a close. You’ve been faithful and reliable.  You’ve delivered what you promised– clean cloth diapers EVERY week.  But more importantly, … Continue reading

February 4, 2015 · 2 Comments

The Nakeds and Me, or Swing by the naked house, or Aren’t you glad you don’t live in the neighborhood?

THANKS FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG! I’ve been getting so many new followers lately and I want to say, “Thank you so much!”  It’s so fun to connect in cyber space … Continue reading

January 13, 2015 · 2 Comments

A Christmas story that still makes me laugh. Sometimes it’s not the warm fuzzies that make a holiday memorable.

It’s funny how looking back on Christmas’ past, it’s not the moments you think you would remember that make the most impact. Having a Christmas tree has always been one … Continue reading

December 24, 2014 · Leave a comment

Boots boots glorious boots! Why one pair is just not enough.

It took me 40 years to get a pair of boots. Not the snowy or rainy weather kind. God I had those since I could walk, especially growing up in … Continue reading

November 5, 2014 · Leave a comment

Moms- whatever you do don’t cook dinner between the hours of 4-6PM! Here’s how and why!

On most days I will do ANYTHING not to have to cook dinner between the hours of 4 and 6PM. Doing so with two small children is like shooting yourself … Continue reading

October 30, 2014 · 4 Comments

What do losing weight and apple cider vinegar have to do with each other?

I’ve been pulling out two old tricks lately: my jump rope and apple cider vinegar.  They are all part of my campaign to feel less fat. Ugh, I hate the sensation of not … Continue reading

October 20, 2014 · 2 Comments

Crude but totally funny… you want me to wash my what?

My husband was on the phone with a friend of ours the other day.  Our friend was going to pick up his girlfriend so he said, sort of jokingly.  “I’m going to … Continue reading

August 29, 2014 · 6 Comments

“What’s that smell?” he said. The answer is still making me laugh.

One of the funniest exchanges I ever heard between my husband and his brother was once when my husband asked , “What’s that smell?” And in the same heartbeat his … Continue reading

August 19, 2014 · Leave a comment

5 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

1. “OMG You’re HUGE!” Truly, this comment is offensive to most women. It didn’t bother me, but it bothers most—so best not to say that out loud. When I was pregnant … Continue reading

July 7, 2014 · 4 Comments

Post prego hair… good for a laugh at least.

The other day I looked in the mirror on the way out the door and I saw a chunk of hair just past my hairline standing straight up in the … Continue reading

June 18, 2014 · 4 Comments

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